Tourists is a performance that me and Nichol developed (Daft Airlines collaborator) but only i performed due to her sickness.

I enter a space with an audience looking at a map, claiming that ive found it and declare that this monument has been here since the present (read out current date)
I proceed to admire the audience as one big landmark, describing them subjectively and taking instant photos of everyone with a Polaroid camera. I try and view the people in the audience as animals in a zoo, or an object in a museum, if they talk back to me i do not respond directly. I talk tourist trash, rough guides, gift shops, how i got here and maps.

So on Tuesday 25th i performed this in Wimbledon college of art as part of our performance elective showcase. It was an exciting way to open the series of performances, slightly displacing the audience. What i like about the piece is the performer / audience role reversal, that i became in awe of the audience and how that makes them react. Some were comfortable to get their pictures taken and others were nervous. I would like to continue to challenge and investigate the phenomenology of the performer / audience relationship.

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