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remote performance network


artists create a live / performance piece that can be video broadcasted.
All broadcasts are streamed into a theatre where there is a live audience. Live audience watch each performance like a ‘scene’ in a film. Live score provides improvised soundtrack to performances that proceed each other. Performances are navigated by a nominated director who instructs editors like a live tv studio set up. Director does not direct performances – they are entirely made by you – but simply chooses which artist to display next.
Think video conference call with artists doing live performances to an audience and a musical score all co – ordinated in a way to give the illusion of live digital cinema.

I’m interested in what a digital live art space looks like and how it could be curated as a live event. I like the idea of decentralized performances being brought together and the attempt of forming a narrative between them as a curatorial act. Im also intrigued by working with an hour of time as materiality as we dip in and out of real time performances.