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Fresh postmen


animate plasticino

massive push to get all the groups to finish their storyboards, character designs, set plans and props list. once this was done the plasticise came out. Had a real laugh with them today , as we got all our hands dirty (the children are so hygienic they beg me to go wash their hands every time they get dirty). Children are very good at playing with plastacine, so they day flew by.

Post Office @ Shambala

Secret Garden Party 2011

‘The bicycle-riding postmen at Secret Postal Service are perhaps the only postmen in the world able to locate the intended recipient of their mail by such vaguely described addresses as ‘North Camp, by security thing, in-between pirate and smiley face flags …’

Pamela Mcintyre – Virgin

The Secret Postal Service Smashed the Secret Garden Party 2011 this year, with almost all mail reaching the correct recipients. we went all out to find your lost friends and lost tents. This year we had a bicycle and more of us out all time time. we tried to focus on the tents themselves and the campsites, instead of giving mail to random people. Once again we became infamous around the festival and very popular with everyone who received mail.

More pics to come from me but we have been mentioned by Converse shoes and i did a very croaky radio interview for Camden Roundhouse radio which will be aired next Tuesday (02/08/2011)

Big thanks to Rob Miles (the newbie) Archie Sinclair (deputy) Hannah (sorter office recieptionist) Majeeda (reception) and Tim (chef and postal boy).
see you at Wilderness Festival & Shambala x

The Secret Postal Service video

September starts

So i cycled round Holland, there should be a neat video to follow however i have had trouble with the exports. This website is due an update soon – secret post office promo video should be added, and other summer projects.

I am leading a screening and discussion at the Furzedown centre (an elderly community centre) on 21st September. I have to write up about my Free to Air as it leads into my final paper.

As a little idea of things to come, max and |archie have been thinking about automated play. Firstly we are continuing the Cd recycling store with a vending machine in October.
we would like to design,program and build engaging playful objects for people to interact with that keep art fun. i am learning about processing, code and tangible interfaces (touch screens).

I have just moved house, and am going to Bulgaria/Romania for a few weeks but will give this website a good polish on my return.

sorting office