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9 eyes

Ive been checking out this project today 9 eyes
It was featured in The Guardian

read more about it here


yourhomepage video

Live Art Speed Date

AM going to be previewing a new idea i have called Homepage
its a web based project, creating an online archive of stories from streetview. Using Green screen and live broadcasting – my audience members will retell stories from where they grow up against the digital streetview backdrop. the webpage will hopefully grow, and i hope to map may worldwide stories.

And if that sounds shit, theres over 20 other performers to get excited by so find out more here

money privatised stealth

Twitter Theatre @ Arts Gallery

Twitter Theatre @ Arts Gallery

Me and Lydia will be performing in the windows of Arts Gallery in Holborn all day Thursday. There will also be an evening screening with an invited audience at 6pm. come down or watch it online at
FB info Ual Website info HERE

Wildworks Special project preview

Short video promo for the show this friday –