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vending art

i have been wanting to install art in vending machines for a while now. we have been looking at all sorts of vending machines, the rotating ‘fresh food’ ones look like a great option.

It has been happening in the states for years called ‘artomat’ where old cigarette machines are re-branded and dispense user generated art to everyone. here

Like Music? Wimbledon record shop is here!

some writing about stupidity

an extract from ‘Too smart to be right: the stunning political successes of special stupidity’ by Keller Easterling from ‘Did Somebody say Participate? – an atlas of spatial practise’

‘Some of the most successful political stratergies in the world rely on the cunning of stupidity. Stupiditiy is a faculty that lubricates both the release and the reception of a stream of fabrications and occlusions.
‘Stupidity is a naturally occuring narcotic reality that welcomes everyone.’

Some Truly spectacular forms of stupidity deploy intelligence to maintain the power of their persuasion.’

‘This information paradox – wherein an enormous amount of information is required to maintain an information poor state- is a common tool of power. The paradoc even provides the perfect camouflage. It is a faviourite trick of not only righteous liberators like the United States, but also neo-liberal governments that, as Jacques Ranciere has noted, would like to locate the ‘end of politics’ in a consensus that banishes conflicting information’

Fakie Rock sound skate ramp

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