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Twitter Theatre @ Arts Gallery

Me and Lydia will be performing in the windows of Arts Gallery in Holborn all day Thursday. There will also be an evening screening with an invited audience at 6pm. come down or watch it online at
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GETINTHEBACKOFAVAN are a performance collective currently doing a residency at Arnolfini, Bristol. They came to my attention because one of their projects called 140 Characters or less is a collaborative twitter text. There trying to make a script with tweets , while the process in projected in the Arnolfini Cafe.

take a look here 

whos following who

Here is an article about how journalists follow each other on twitter thus leading to mass media from independent stories.

facebook status wellbeing analysis

It compares the number of each type of word, and generates a graph of overall happiness, or lack thereof. One can also isolate the measures of either happiness or sadness. The data goes back as far as two years ago, but a lot more people are using Facebook — and status updates — these days so the most recent data appears the most illustrative. For now, this data only covers English-speaking users in the US, although that may change; similar polls are done by companies like Gallup, albeit using more traditional survey methods.

The results seem relatively obvious for right now. Lots of people were happy on Thanksgiving last year, for example. Less obvious results are also showing up. One of the saddest days of this year was when Michael Jackson died on June 25th. People also appeared pretty depressed on Labor Day, most likely due to the start of school for millions of Facebook users.

early morning tweets

A graphical Visualizaton of Tweets during 24 hours.

Green are early, Red are around9am and Black are out of time.

code available here

tweeting with the tele on

article about social tv using Twitter. producers are trying to work out how to interate twitter into the action of a show, instead of promoting to existing audiences, they want to engage. early ttempts like channel4’s ‘seven days’ where viewers gave life advice to their beloved boring characters, nice concept unfortuently the biggest issues raised where what colour to dye my hair.

This article has lots of facts about how 70% of young people (18-24) look at a second screen (mobile device) while watching television. if anything Tv is sad that they are broadcasting to such a short attention span distracted generation.

Tweeting with the Tele on.


Tw1tterband is the name of a twitter based musical collaboration. Formed from Richard Newman’s musical desire to create an online musical collaboration.

read article here

watch their smiths cover below –