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Virtual Futures

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Virtual futures originally happened in 1995 and was a forum for pre milleniu fear of cybernetics and domestical digitisation.  I like its approach in re-adressing future predictions through revisiting panels and guest speakers. take a look

Whereas the mid-90s events were about emergence and understanding of the symbiotic relationship between man and machine, this year’s theme, “Digital Natives: Fear of the Flesh?” is about acceptance. Children born today are being born into an increasingly synthetic worlds of virtual interaction, virtual products (MP3s etc.) and virtual transactions. A reality that would be fitting of a William Gibson novel in which ‘consensual hallucination’ has overtaken and where we would happily purchase small representations of physical objects (such as albums) – a concept only aided by a shared social acceptance. The revival aims to help attendees see beyond the abstraction after all, when you are ‘surfing’ the net – lets not forget that you are actually slamming a couple of keys which sends machine code through wires.


Ceephax’s last words

gps tracking test (walk to the shops)

GPS tracking powered by

remote performance network


artists create a live / performance piece that can be video broadcasted.
All broadcasts are streamed into a theatre where there is a live audience. Live audience watch each performance like a ‘scene’ in a film. Live score provides improvised soundtrack to performances that proceed each other. Performances are navigated by a nominated director who instructs editors like a live tv studio set up. Director does not direct performances – they are entirely made by you – but simply chooses which artist to display next.
Think video conference call with artists doing live performances to an audience and a musical score all co – ordinated in a way to give the illusion of live digital cinema.

I’m interested in what a digital live art space looks like and how it could be curated as a live event. I like the idea of decentralized performances being brought together and the attempt of forming a narrative between them as a curatorial act. Im also intrigued by working with an hour of time as materiality as we dip in and out of real time performances.

My life in a day (How Did I Get Here?)

on the 24th November 2012 I will be 24 years old. To mark this i am creating a durational performance event where i will re-encounter each year of my life, every hour.
Starting at 00:00am I will begin to revisit places i lived and memories from that age in my life.
The performance will end with my current friends at a pub in brixton to see in the 24th year.

The performance will be documented through gps tracking device (
and an interactive google map will host notes, memories, images, sound and video that i produce throughout the journey.

I will begin making the website where (on 24th november) audiences can follow my journey in real time. The domain will either be ( or Howdidigethere? )

The problem with the howdidigethere domain is that it looks like im saying how did i get there? not HERE.