Brixton airport is open

first day update, quite a slow start due to lifting/delivery difficulties – overpaying a taxi to take me down the road with minibus seats in his car.
But from the afternoon onwards we took 8 people on distance free holidays, including 2 toddlers who loved it and actually believed they had gone to Africa. It felt very child play, like we are dressing up and playing professional roles as air flight attendants.

I takes a fair amount of courage and confidence to perform in this way. people popping in off the street, but there is no spectacle, it only works with a certain amount of engagement from the audience, a willingness to participate and a little imagination. The imagination is needed because the show decor is quite lo-fi and minimal (apart from the bloody car seats!)

There is some lovely physical documentation building up from the performance, we give out blank postcards that are audience write on and then we exhibit them and their Brixton landing cards. We are also taking pictures and trying our best to film however with the two of us it is quite difficult, we may stage a performance with the two of us for video documentation.
will keep you posted.

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