breaking the data transfer barrier!

the figures

  • Maximum altitude of 39.045 kilometres (24.261 mi)
  • Maximum speed of 1,342.8 kilometres per hour (834.4 mph), which corresponds to Mach 1.24
  • Total free fall time of 4 minutes 20 seconds
  • Total free fall distance of 36,529 metres (119,846 ft)
  • over 8 million viewers on youtube setting a record for “live stream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube”

I want to know where and when the capsule landed

Im also interested in the transmission of data and the mass spectacle of the live event. We transmit and recieve data from satelittes on a regular basis, instead of breaking the speed of sound did he break the speed of data?

my internet connection is 12mpbs , on my phone it takes me about 3 seconds for some data to go up to a satellite and then come back down.

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