digital mood rings

Ive been thinking about broadcasting the a mood ring’s colours digitally. to create a pastiche product that helped individuals communicate their specifically feelings in real time over social media with a digital mood ring. The design of the product is quite important, i want it to be connected and updating all my profile pictures (aswell as a website homepage) regularly.

Im looking at the designs of how to execute this. the hardware could be a mini wireless spy cam that can send picture of the colour of the ring to code sketch that uploads this every x amount of time. I could just do it all with my mobile but that doesnt seem automated enough. This camera seems a good size but only 2hrs battery life. also all these spy cameras are a bit pervy.

When i google digital mood ring i also came across this

During the olympics the London Eye has been turned into a olympics mood ring, altering its colours to express sentiment tweeted in response the olympics. Between 9pm and 10pm. interesting stuff.

maybe  i could use an eye fi wireless sd card to cut out any coding. slip that into a mini camera and it uploads the pics (with relocated info)


maybe i could just do it with my phone?

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