Art Catlin Comments

With the Catlin show done and dusted I picked up my comments and below are some of my faves.

Simplicity Wins
Great Idea Art and History Combined
interesting what next?
whoever did bananas on a shirt and in a bowl (think this is ment for Gabrielle)
yours were so much better than the others AMAZEBALLS
this is mostly out of friendship
smashed it
post media art. Some think what moving into history of art
loved the colours
a powerful understatement
Max Dovey had more to offer
In my humble opinion the most insightful and stylist piece in the exhibition. It made the present a precious thing for the future.
Adeline de Monseignat Max Dovey
The only piece that makes you really think
Max Dovey loves TV (so do i…)
This world is a much better place with a break from TV.
Really liked the concept especially using vhs
Because i remember the testcards well.
The most conceptual piece of work here
Await the day
A suitable symbol of the passing of an age and the entry into a new one. We stand together facing the future, filled with fear but resolute.
4 the joke
Good idea – needed doing
We don’t know what we have lost.

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