end of tv times

Does switchover happen all at the same time for everyone receiving a signal from the Crystal Palace transmitter group?

Switchover for the Crystal Palace transmitter group is a two stage process taking place on Wednesday 04 April 2012 and Wednesday 18 April 2012. At each stage, engineering work is carried out at the Crystal Palace transmitter and each of its fifty four relay transmitters and services will be restored at different times depending on where you live. Once switchover is complete, all viewers will need to install or re-tune their Freeview TV or box.

Location 4 April 2012 18 April 2012
Crystal Palace 6.00am 6.00am
Alexandra Palace mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Assendon mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Biggin Hill 6.00am mid-afternoon
Biggin Hill Link 6.00am mid-morning
Bishops Stortford 6.00am mid-morning
Cane Hill 6.00am mid-morning
Caterham 6.00am mid-afternoon
Chepping Wycombe mid-morning mid-morning
Chesham 6.00am mid-morning
Chingford mid-morning mid-morning
Croydon Old Town 6.00am late-afternoon
Dorking VP mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Dorking HP mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
East Grinstead mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Edmonton 6am mid-afternoon
Farningham mid-morning mid-afternoon
Finchley mid-morning mid-morning
Forest Row mid-morning mid-morning
Gravesend 6am mid-afternoon
Great Missenden 6am mid-afternoon
Greenwich mid-afternoon late-afternoon
Guildford 6am 6am
Hammersmith 6am mid-afternoon
Hampstead Heath 6am mid-afternoon
Hemel Hempstead 6am 6am
Hemel Hempstead Town mid-morning mid-morning
Henley mid-morning mid-morning
Hertford 6am 6am
High Wycombe 6am mid-morning
Hughenden 6am mid-afternoon
Kenley 6am mid-morning
Kensal Town 6am mid-morning
Lea Bridge mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Marlow Bottom 6am mid-afternoon
Micklefield 6am mid-afternoon
Mickleham 6am mid-afternoon
New Addington mid-morning mid-morning
New Barnet 6am mid-morning
Old Coulsdon mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Orpington 6am mid-morning
Otford 6am mid-afternoon
Poplar mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Reigate 6am 6am
Skirmett mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
St Albans 6am mid-afternoon
Sutton HP 6am mid-afternoon
Sutton VP 6am mid-afternoon
Walthamstow North 6am mid-morning
Welwyn 6am mid-morning
West Wycombe 6am mid-afternoon
Wonersh mid-morning mid-morning
Wooburn** mid-afternoon mid-afternoon
Woolwich mid-morning mid-morning
World’s End 6am late-afternoon
At stage one, viewers receiving their signal from the Crystal Palace main transmitter and all the relays except Hemel Hempstead, Chepping Wycombe, Lea Bridge , Dorking and Skirmett relay transmitters will find that the analogue ITV will come back on air but will be found at button two (the old analogue BBC 2 button).

**Viewers receiving their signal from the Wooburn relay transmitter will find that the analogue BBC One will come back on air but will be found at button two (the old analogue BBC 2 button).

We advise you wait until the expected completion time for switchover before re-tuning, otherwise you may find you are missing channels that you will receive after switchover.

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