The Last Day of TV

The Last Day of TV.

I want to collectively create artwork to signify the end of terrestrial and analogue broadcasting in the UK. By the end of April all televised broadcasting will have migrated from its original 1940s format to a digital signal.

I want to create an event called The Last Day of TV.
Here we will celebrate television for all it has been and everything it has done. The last 24 hours of TV will be recorded and every channel’s last broadcast will be able to buy in 24 hour boxset. Performances, publications and screenings of each channels last 24 hours will be exhibited. We can come together and mourn the loss of televised broadcasting, discuss the future and maybe even smash some teles.

On the 4th April BBC 2 will be switched off.
On the 18th April all remaining Channels will stop broadcasting for London area. (Crystal Palace )

24hr Gallery take over for 18th August (BBC2 will have to be a re-run).

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