Life in a Day

Last night i watched the famous youtube documentary ‘Life In A Day’. On Saturday july 25th 2011 over 300 people filmed every part of their day to create the latest large scale interactive documentary. I enjoyed it alot more than i thought, the film was well edited and intimate, thought provoking and beautiful. Ridley Scott has done well.
Interesting aspects was the deliberate attempt for this not to be the youtube film, filtering the amount of americans filming their cats with villages in Africa. These remote places must of only participated through extensive social outreach through local governments. My friend remarked weather they have been sent a copy of the film, and something to watch the film on. This made the film beautiful though, bridging narratives between a shoe shine boy in Argentina and a sky diver in New Zealand.
Another successful aspect was the avoidance of the subject of time, with only one or two clock shots. This is where the similarities in the systematic process of Christian Marclay’s the clock differ. Life in a Day looked at the stories, events and moments – there was a general sense of morning but after that it was all linked by subject and theme. You would assume the time would drive the filmes narrative like Marclay’s clock, but the drive of the film is in the subjects adressed Wealth, Love and fear. Everyone was asked to respond to the questions ‘ Whats in your pocket’ , ‘what are you afraid of’ and ‘what do you love’.

I enjoyed watching it alot, its the user generated man with a movie camera.
watch it HERE

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