animation 2/3

day 2 –
We split the class intro groups and they came up with their animation company names. One group were finding inspiration difficult so we used a branding exercise, where you list a colour, an animal etc till you have a catchy combination for a title. we had some great titles – blue panda and blue lips video. It was also successful to give each member of the group a role ‘Director, Producer, Designer etc).
we then played a plot game that i called ‘narrative Bingo’. each group chooses a number this then gives them a character, problem, location, time, cause, solution, conclusion. The children must then create a story from these plot points.

Once the paper based activities were finished we then took the class outside to make simple pixilation animations. These are stop frames using the human body. Confusingly Directing Italian children to ‘move a bit…STOP too far , Back’ , contradicting myself in spluttered English cant teach them much. But the results were terrific and they really enjoyed previewing them instantly. I wouldn’t of wanted to keep them still and patient for any longer.


The majority of today was spent writing a script and storyboard. One group has gone for an animation about Henry the 8ths wifes, whilst Blue Panda animations are making an claymation starring their panda. Getting the group to collaboratively make a story is difficult so giving them questions –
Who, What, Where, Why, How helped them along.

tomorrow we finish character designs and begin creating.

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