Italy Animation course update

day one –
After a fairy frantic set up in which the restricted school technology was thoroughly tested, we suddenly found 15 italian faces looking up at us. We broke the ice with some introductory drama games before introducing ourselves and the layout of the course. The aim is to create 3 short animations per class with groups of 5, who will design storyboards, sets and create characters. We described different types of animation and identified the childrens favourites. Recent Pixar films, disney and cartoon networks were suggested, in return we offered classic Muybridge, Greg maclarens ‘neighbours’ and other modern innovative stop frame (blu, blu). The contemporary stuff had the wow factor for these 13/14 yr olds. After this (not so) brief history of animation we began making 2 frame flipbooks ; this lends well to the classroom, as it involves doodling in your schoolbook. The childrens awe at at a 2 frame flipbook lead us coherently onto making zoetropes and phineaktoscopes. These are 8 / 10 frames fore the children to draw a moving cycle ( a bird flying, a man walking etc). These lo-fi techniques really capture the childrens imagination, its hands on animating.

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