Twitter clock by Kirsty Greig was at the LCC Summer Show. it uses Twitter streaming in a different way to ‘the emotional stock market’, and uses max msp as its programming language. This work announces the most popular word on twitter every minute, the work was accompannied by a 24hr life in a day publication a dictionary of online language. I liked this work alot and it was gaining alot of attention.

Everyday across the world millions of us go online to talk to friends, share our thoughts and exchange and report news, Twitter alone receiving and generating over 65 millions tweets a day. Twitter clock gathers that information by using a live feed from Twitter to be constantly downloading the most popular words in Tweets and conversations, filtering the ‘most tweeted’ word every minute to display that as a capture of that moment in time and a comment on what the world is talking about at that moment. It reveals emerging topics of that day, hour and minute, it present us with what is engaging our collective thoughts and presents us with an intriguing insight into today’s society, and an unusual way of presenting the passing of time through our words and thoughts.

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