Ryder Ripps

This American artist is a web hacker genius. Hes coins the term ‘Internet archeology’ which very much defines his work. pulling out the constructs of the internet, visually and socially into pages and projects. So many things of his i have encountered and now i am happy to find his site.

I saw his work live as part of M.I.A tour where a live camera feed was projected and mashed with youtube or facebook icons. It explicitly highlights social relations with web semiotics.

Another piece i really like is http://facebooksuicidewatch.com . Very similar to the way i monitor Twitter, it tracks status updates with the terms ‘ kill myself or killing myself’ and posts them on one single web page in a real time feed. providing up to date suicide posts.

Ripps also researched pop songs across the world about the social network site ‘facebook’. The sound of Facebook collects all the songs made about facebook on youtube onto one page. Ripps studies the themes, observing that most of the songs are enthusiastic about the social use of facebook whilst all the american songs satire facebook (although they use it the most). This work is similar to my my performance presentation sound of the arabic revolution where i collected global musical anthems that had were spread on social media during the spring arabic revolution.
This one is my favorite

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