Adam Curtis documentary BBC2

Fantastic documentary about the ideology of web networks in relation to the economy and globalisation. early objective theorist Ayn Rand featured heavily and i was introduced to the term ‘logical positivism’.

An amazing piece of footage was Loren Carpenter's collective interactive game of pong. each person holds a stick with red/ green either side. when it faces one way, a camera sensor controls the movement of their side of the board. The game enforces the ideology of collective freedom of hierarchy that was being portrayed with computer technology.

a re-enactment here at the end


It then looked at how capitalism trusted technology to stabalise economies. A recent example with Indonesia and lending to the boom of asian countries before the stock market crash and chaos. Now China purposely keeps is currency value low as an act of protectionism.

The idea that the machines could free us from the market, that collectively we could shape our own destiny all seem to have succumbed to the same power formations. how can each individuals utilise themselves as a node in a network?

There are some fantastic archive video in this and its completely relavent to my emotional stock market project. view on iplayer

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