\laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta Clark

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They have a retrospective of these 3 pioneering artists of the downtown NY scene in the 1970s. very briefly Laurie is a performance artist interested in identity and society, Trisha is a physical artist performing in public spaces and Gordon was a anarchitech, interested in sculpture and design. Their interdisciplinary practises are exhibited together to present a radical movement.
New York City provided a powerful context for the work of Anderson, Brown and Matta-Clark. On the verge of bankruptcy in the 1970s, the disappearance of manufacturing and other major industries and the withdrawal of public services were turning the city into a centre of widespread unemployment and lawlessness. Artists responded by taking over derelict spaces to make and exhibit their work, by using the city itself as the medium or setting for their work, by creating opportunities to engage directly with the public out of doors and by building a vibrant arts community.

Here are some works that resounded with me…

Laurie Anderson

The Headphone Table 1973
The piece activates when you imitate the image, by placing your elbows on the table and over your ears sound reverberates up your arms. a very sensual, intimate, and obscure artwork.

Fully Automated Nikon 1973
an Active response to misogynistic gestures Anderson pointed the camera and all the men who made passing sexual comments. Here the Camera is used like a gun. The men pictured strike a pose and deny responsibility for the comment.

The Electric Chair
A mechanical sound installation, a flickering tube light and a swivel chair.

Gordon Matta Clark
Gordon made intresting sculpturul peices around space and urban environment. He bought tiny remote peices of derelict land and documented them with photography. He was responsible for opening a local cafe for the local activist, artists and workers to converse. Guest chefs made special menus alongside a really unique range of food. It highlighted for me how food is a collaborative tool social art.

Trisha Brown
cotemporary dance physical movement artist. lots of spectacular walking up buildings like man on wire.

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