Slavoy Zizek at the ICA 04/05/2011

Paul Taylor and Slavoy Zizek in conversation at the ICA on 04/05/2011 called screening media’s philosophical problem. broadcasting the live discussion an an online stream into the cinema next door seemed to instantly raise philosophical issues regarding media and the web. However the questions Paul Taylor introduced were directed to traditional, institutionalized media outputs (print, film and Television) neglecting the politics of new media and user generated content. specifically Zizek’s relationship and image in the media as ‘the elvis of philosophy’ Zizek concluded that playing the clown and being smart is not as dangerous as when the media takes itself seriously. The restrictions of British media do not promote serious thought and when it does it it is kept to a small, margin of society. Zizek critiques the attitude of commodified popular philosophers like Alain de Bottom, preferring to start his discussion with two big oscar winning films – The King’s speech and The Black Swan.

much of Zizek’s qaulity lies in his small remarks, bad jokes, or low culture refrences.
‘dating services are the rehabilitation of the arranged marriage. we want to fall in love without falling’
a man asks for coffe and no cream. The waiter says we dont have cream, would you like coffe without milk?’

the double negative, how the absence is a plausible option.
‘a man goes to bed with two glasses, one full and one empty because he is too lazy to decide if he will be thirsty or not’

we should go deeper into cultural forumlas to extract more.

he then interrupted the ica spokesperson to demand that the ica stop showing shitty world cinema and let Slavoy but on a programme of real action films! she said it was highly unlikely.

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