final feedback from Lois

Feedback from Lois on 5/05/2011

Emotional Stock Market

Practical problems

Pay for participation?

People paying and using real money is an issue not just legal issues with college.
HOW DO I WANT PEOPLE TO FEEL – people leave after buying nothing and feel ripped off. People wont buy in, if they do its because they feel sorry for me.

THE ROLE OF ROLE PLAY – with just 4/5 peformers people are put on the spot and their participation becomes unwilling and forced. They buy shares out of sympathy for me and my project.

Badges and merchandise is patronizing. But they are needed to sell shares, does it become exclusive or does everyone look like there at a stiff birthday party. Look more into the branding of emotion.
Fake money is way too birthday party – don’t do fake money.

Name categories as exactly as they are on the assessment criteria (e.g. events/ shows = ‘gallery visits’
Pin down.
Boris groys
Add more critical. The process documentation is not necessary. But I should carry on with that.


Plant performed buyers ( as many as possible) who can make a spectacle. Make an event which the audience can now watch and take part of if they wish. These are friends who know how to invest. If people will only invest because they like me than I need to give all my friends money to stage it.

Performance times? Create a schedule for showtimes.
Don’t be there all the time on my own with everyone to afraid to buy. Its for safety.

Turn into less profit based participatory performance. Give away shares for free? Ask people to read out tweets and perform them?

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