1st write

THE  EMOTIONAL STOCK MARKET                                                30/03/2011

A live participatory installation where peoples emotions are traded. A stock market is replicated and a share index created based upon feelings from expressions of people online. 4 or emotions are turned into business that the viewer can invest in. These emotions all have sellers, who try to sell shares of their emotional enterprise.

The share index is based upon the frequency of this feeling being ‘tweeted’ or expressed online. For example the more people who feel happy then the value will increase.

A credit system will be introduced for individuals to trade and invest.

The trading will happen between the performers and the audience. When the stock market is down the viewers will only be able to view the livestreams of emotions in the space.

I would like a website where the stock market could be viewed as a creative tool for social analysis. (one would be able to see how many people are using the word happy in their tweets)

What do you get when you invest in a feeling?

A print out receipt of the tweets (expressions) that tweet that emotion. For example for a 10 credit investment you can receive 10 tweets with the word happy in it. You become the owner of these people and their feelings?

Emotional seller only puts in value when someone buys an amount of emotion. So they would manually add that someone has invested, this would become present on the share index. Its up to sellers to sell their emotion, by reading tweets. You could feel like this….rating peoples expressions in relation to the emotion that they fall under.


It directly links the Governments interest into the value of social research or its economic worth with my twitter theatre emotional engagement. It capitalizes human emotions intro trading figures. It’s a development of working with online emotional expressions.

Its ridiculous and playful – does it undermine peoples feelings? I am saying that using twitter to express these feelings is ridiculous?

A performance is built around real time statistics that are created by people all over the world.  The audience know what to do and feel comftable being the buyer.

The notion of the gift and free market economy is directly commented on. We could even run with real money instead of credits. Commodifies human emotion – makes it into a circus, which is how I think of social media. The social media circus.

The share index of emotion can be viewed online at anytime.

Relevant works –

Listening post / we feel fine / mappiness

Options/ issues


Data research Methods


Originally I also thought of how the emotional data is retrieved. To make an app like mappiness which had all the students in the college. The viewer could then invest in a student. Apart from being unable to create an app (or system that can take in this information) I feel that the method I have developed for twitter theatre (simple search terms) gets it right.



Originally I thought of making it a digital data visualization – e.g. a graphic bar chart would increase everybody used my emotional searchterm. This would involve some computer skills. people running round doing it mathematically would be more performative.


Talk it out.

Understand stock market.

Recruit sellers.

Explain how it all works.

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