day 2 mileskm

the rain in spain falls mostly on my only pair of clothes. I put my tesshirts out to dry this morning because they wernt given enough time before rotting in a soggy mess in my bag before arriving. Sunday was a rainy one. Got to Las Latinas met Claira Le Marchand & Jaime Jaime Barcaitegui for coffee before going to his music studio in Diego De Leon.

We recorded some music to the soundtrack for Claira and others group collaborative project. After this i went back downtown to meet my collaborative partner Alexia and discuss our live painting for the show on Friday. I suggested we do something like yestyerday where we hang a large bedsheet for a big collaborative painting. she liked this idea and we are going to develop it further. We then ran from bar to bar dodging puddles and smashing tapas.

One idea we had for a group project is to collect from everyone the maps their hosts have written for them and print them all in a nice a5 zine. it will be our own personal collective map.

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