Maria Pask

After graduationg from wimbleon BA painting she went on to do a residency At Atellier studios in Holland. She is currently making a sitcom about squatters in Utrecht.

She is anti online publicity and therefore keeps her profile ‘offline’. She describes her practise to make collaborative social scenarios. Her humble nature lets the participants feel empowered and more confident. She likes working on things she know little about and finds herself stumbling through the work with the group. ‘The utilisation of the collective energy becomes material of the work’. She writes scripts for performances with groups in a community theatre sense but does not heavily direct.A painting scene can often provide pask the framework for a peice to come from, asking people to dress up in those characters and then play those parts.  Theatre is a device for collaborative practise.

Some event based works have been –

‘how to build a disco’ – making  a party space with student using found or raw materials.

‘beat it’ a performed dance or re-enactment of the Michael Jackson video with Lithuanian and dutch students during their nations becoming E.U.

‘Rape of your opal’ is a Dutch documentary about the current state of culture and politics.

‘If i can’t dance i don’t want to be part of a revolution’ work with artists on process lead projects where audience are invited to see the work during the creative process.

Pask works with communities using theatre as a device for collaboration and a reference point. In ‘Deja Vu’ a project with residents of rose hill in Oxford, Pask made a feature film re-enacting scenes and stories from the local magazine. A tiddlywinks tournament for example. This re-enactment allows for the participants to playfully re-adress their local history. Pask does engage with controversial topics with her participants and is not witheld by ethical and social methods.


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