Tutorial Feedback

Maxdovey tutorial with lois 14th March


Claim ownership of twitter theatre, define tactile approach to clarify my practise.

What is it about it that I like, that I do it for?

Issues of class…tweets portraying different social class, I need to be aware of this. Flag up problems regarding twitter theatre.


The beauty in the failure of global hype and local action. Broadcasting to the world and having 3 people watching from the library. Endearing. I exhaust myself trying to get people to participate in my work.

Same sadness in social networking and the failure of making friends social research…my practice, my touch on my practice…


Don’t do a tv studio for degree show its too much like TV…


Plans of action –

Reflect on my ideas and how to forward them. Twitter Theatre, 5 day, TBMTV busy period need to reflect over easter and put plan into action for degree show. Work out what the platform will be and how my personal touch of authorship will be identified.


Degree show –

Global participation/ experience through internet.

Lonliness in society. Connections made from networks lasting past the gallery space.


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