mobilzing social media

Im so excited about social media id make my dad proud.

This weekend amongst doing the can – can and teaching aerobics at Shunt i was at Arts Against Cuts Weekender for the afternoon set up by indymedia .

Sukey presented their new google maps app for co-ordinating protests and avoiding kettles. very exciting.

VisionOnTV presented their plans for real time video publishing and content sharing site. the video activist network. They also talked about STORIFY

Storify allows users to create narratives from published user generated media (blogs, twitter). Timelines can be made to report on events from different perspectives. The Authors job is that of the sampler, curating expressions to tell a story. I have applied to use storify in relation to live art and twitter (real time information).

Richard, the content director of ResonanceFm wants to broadcast creative soundscapes from the protest, whilst also informing the protesters.

I have also thought about how to use these tools to make live art/ interventions regarding the protests.

ideas so far –

record people performing tweets for #26march

print tagclouds of #26march and print over london (post event)

Change my propoganda posters to ‘Last Chance to Revolt – 26/03/2011’

help visionontv by submiting or editing submitted media.



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