First date off wimbledons 5 day festival began today. for a full program for the whole of CCW click here 5-Day-Festival-1

or for the facebook group click here

today Barby Assante came and gave a discussion on her practise and others in the social field. She introduced this type of work and its variety of titles beforte presenting herself alongside other artists whose work is described as ‘socially engaged’.  Barby’s work often came from quite a personal, identity issues which were illustrated through mass participation and group projects. I respected how her clear themes in her practice still came through such wild events, like Karaoke with elderly groups. She also set up ‘Wig Therapy’ in a beauty salon in Brixton Market. Aswell as mentioning a project called ‘Bamboo memroeis’ about an old live music bar from the 1940s in Bristol, she profiled Neville Gabie. Gabie’s BS1 project with the Cabot Circus workforce was highlighted in my dissertation for portraying a ‘dialogical aesthetic’ that allows the art work to emerge from sustained local engagement.

Other artists discussed that are essential to my practise was Lucy Kimbell. Lucy Kimbell explores methods for evaluating and researching human data. her project ‘The Lix Index’ and the free evaluation service extract participatiant expression through experimental methods. I feel like i am playing around with very similar issues,  researching and portraying ’emotional data’ .

I had a cup of tea with Barby afterwards and must note down places for me to investigate when i graduate –

Janice at the photographers Gallery – good education department

Leanne Turvey at Tate Modern

Mark Miller at Tate youth

Home Live Art

‘The art exchange’ Nottingham

The artist displacement group


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