locating ourselves

Thoughts on Paul Virilio and the open sky.


 How can we really live if there is no more here and if everything is now ?

How can we survive the instantaneous telescoping of a reality that has become ubiquitous, breaking up into two orders of time, each as real as the other: that of presence here and now, and that of a telepresence at a distance, beyond the horizon of tangible appearances?

The modern worlds acceleration into data communication technology  ands transport speeds leaves us in a static and vast landscape. Virilio then goes on to define a state that is telepresent to the whole world. A society that has no future or past, due to the endless instant information that we no longer traject ourselves forward in our widening gulf of information. Will the death of physical distance disrupt the nomad ideology of a journey, learning through exploration. Yes. Is this a problem? Perhaps not. The childs quest for knowledge is dismantled with a simple google search. It is now a matter of time, of civilization not necessarily catching up with technology but becoming more resourceful. Technology has always promised to save time, but in the sense of speed, rather than care. If we are able to apply it in this way, if the vast field of information has not become to great, than technology will work with us better.

No More Delay, no more relief, volume is no longer the reality of things.

‘If anyone thinks I paint too fast, they are watching me too fast’ van Gogh

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