The Art of Time

The Art of Time, Dir Fergus Daly & Katherine Waugh, 2009

This Film essay took on a group of Philosophers thoughts on time, beginning with Proust’s territorial centralized ideas around time to modern global time, Paul Virilo’s famous comment ‘Where am I if i am everywhere?’. Selected artists gave thoughts and views on how they work with and approach the idea of time. David Claebourt exposes the pace of modern culture by mixing  still photogrpahy with moving video parts. A work i liked was called the Present, a digital flower that grows, lives and dies on the users desktop within a week.

Richard Wilson discussed how the performers move slow and a different rythms his abstract performances. I had not heard of Einstein on the beach but i will watch it this weekend.

The speed of which technology has  increased time has lead to a human resistance. we are now overloaded in fluid cultural and symbol overload looking for a moment of present. Vito Acconi spoke about architecture, confessing he had no idea what he was doing when he made ‘seedbed’ 1979. ‘ i was just wanking in a gallery, doing things youd find in a mental asylum because i thought art would be a place for it’.

What really struck me was the idea of new age digital time creating de-centralised global synchronization. communication technology is making time latitude rather than longtitude, e.g. it is no longer linear. Essentially technology is distorting our sense of time and i want to make work that explores this.

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