London Urethra postcard archive

Gilbert & George’s new show at White Cube comprises of 40 prints of collected postcards of tourist souvenirs and ambiguous phone booth sex ads , all lined in a rectangular shape symbolising the graphic for the Urethra. The show is only part of a selection of a vast collection by the pair who developed an algorithmic method for choosing which postcards to frame and exhibit. The Pair have developed a ‘radomising’ method, where each postcard is categorised under its subject (souvenir, sex, etc) they then pull out postcards face down, so they have an even amount of each. This aspect interested me, the show only peeps through the keyhole into a wide historical archive of British postcard culture. They have used postcards to create postcard urethra’s, that although doesnt sit with me entirely well, this is another example of Gilbert & George’s creative methods of developing the object further. The show is well worth going to, although they could create another unique, exclusive postcard show tomorrow in your living room.

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