art stock exchange

On Radio 4 this morning there was an interview with Pierre Naquin about the launching of the worlds first art stock exchange. Although the plan is primarily focused towards modern works (19th century onwards) and is accessible with stocks being as cheap as 10 euros for 100,000 works, the market only seems to congest an already hefty economic system rather than offer a conceptual alternative. Pierre Naquin belives he is making the world of art dealers and galleries more accessable but Patrick Bourne accused the plan as a ‘stinker’ and risked loosing all the emotional investment in art collectorship. Open hearing about it i imagined an infrastructure that allowed co-authorship over more process lead works than material based works. An art stock market is an interesting idea when discussing ownership of collaborative and participatory practises, one could make a performance where the bidding took place over the performance.

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