what i have been up to lately

What has been of Interest lately –

My work has been investigating dialogue and exchange through varying methods of engagement I have been experimenting with how one opens a forum for exchange and how it is then presented. I am orchestrating exchange with fellow students of Wimbledon college, working very much within the social constructs, to allow a relational art to then form.

‘What shall we do’ 2010 has been a lo-fi method to allow a forum of discussion over an unused noticeboard in college. The questions I ask appear immature (child like…) but are sincere attempts for a varied collection of responses from fellow students and staff. It is an experiment with a method that achieves universal discussion through minor contributions.

The ‘Tricky Data’ series humorously highlights the difficulty in documenting and presenting the exchange that is central to the work I premote. In response to a new tactic in national politics (to measure the countries wellbeing) I applied these questions to an event, quantifying emotive data for a specific time and place. This work scorns measuring methods for socially engaged art used by government bodies, parodying the inadequacy of counting subjective experience.

I will continue to experiment with live data, how it can visually represent individual experiences that are otherwise personal and ephemeral. I want to continue Enabling communicative experiences and initializing a platform for discussion and collaboration in the university.

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