The unrest of the middle class

What happened –

Last Wednesday was blidningly bright while stifflingly cold it was the morning of a march.
Westminster became flooded at 12 noon with scruffy looking students brandishing ridiculas banners
sometimes all singing to the same tune.
No Cuts we said, No rise to tution fees
the theiving of public money will leave us all on our hands and knees.

We were an assorted bunch
a wide selection for such an epic resistance that all remember the effects of the last financial crush.
After three hours of slowly stomping from Nelson’s collum to parlimant sq
the energy changed, some sat down while others ran hurridly in oppositte directions.
you could sense unease, a shift between moderated enjoyment and unbalanced exhilaration filled the streets.
what could be going on down there? the networks were down and everyone began to hurry.
Running past panicing protestors and chaotic chanters looking for clarity in the politicians playground.
The streets of Westminister had been hijacked and when we got to millbank – it was getting ransacked.

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