Twin peaks weekender

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Twin Peaks, Battersea Art Centre transformed into the small northwestern US town and screened the entire series on a giant screen in a 32-hour marathon event. The centre was filled with exhibits, including various art works, shrines, musicians, theatre, DJs in a Black Lodge, and even a red room where you could dance away the pain like Leland to jazz/swing style songs, complete with a photo of Laura Palmer – my favourite thing in the whole place! Unlimited, DAMN fine coffee was on offer at the Double R, as were brie bagguettes, super-crispy bacon and cherry pie. An amazing piece of televison, and, ignoring some of the fashion, it has aged surprisingly well (although many shows have borrowed from its premise/style and even lines). Quite a few attendees dressed up, with some amazing costumes including a One-Eyed Jacks girl, Dr Jacoby (who even had the dual coloured frame glasses), Ronette Pulaski and several Dale Coopers, including myself, complete with dictaphone, g-man suit and earplugs (no chocolate bunnies though)!

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