‘Congregation’ is a large scale interactive light sculpure using motion tracking and alot of sophisticated programming. I saw it on the Chelsea Parade ground, as part of Late at Tate Britain.

Congregation consisted of a projector and camera onto of a crane shining down on over the parade ground from arial perspective. They was a wide monitor that showed the camera feed at eye level.
Technically i understand it to be a camera motion tracking movement of the pedestrians below, a projector than responding to those movements by spotlighting them. Another camera is recording these response projections and putting it onto a live feed.

A delicate 30 minute set was designed with varying projections that all played with themes of connecting in public space, orinetating between play and purpose. The structure spectacularly engaged and led the the participants to engage unknowingly before actively ‘dancing’.The design made us feel like we were leading it as a group, when the design had set up a framework for us to follow.

Im sure this lighting design will be installed in other plazas and locations, it does everything media art should do, engage a collective through curiously inviting them to join in and play.

It was an incredible peice that made me think alot afterwards. KMA are media artists who develop and encourage interaction in public spaces. ‘Congregation’ was funded by SCAN arts , who are definetly worth keeping an eye on for similar work and more commissions.

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