Reactable dialogues

Reactivision are physical graphic markers that send messages to a TUIO client (that could be so c++, openframeworks, or in my case processing) and make stuff happen.

There are many examples of how it works on the reactivision showcase page but i am more interested in how this interactive format can be interpreted creatively, other than just live music production.

I like this one called digital tea party

I want to use this technology as a basis to form interaction and create play and engagement between our audiences, im aware of the importance of how we alter the original technology and weather they benefit our conceptual theory.
Ive been thinking about situationist games, in the style of fluxus, recording sound and video of the environment in which the game allowed you to explore in the same place. For example i thought about making a Mauraders map for the university, the table becoming an interactive map that showcased sounds from all over the building that were activated by you. A way to explore the building audibly while remaining stationary.

or perhaps creating a game where each person on our course was re-created as a figure that had the reactable code underneath them. Then the audience could play with the characters, activating audio clips of each one of them ‘catchphrases’ around the board’.

I quite like both ideas.

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