Adam the Fat Tart

On Friday 4th July i performed at Tate Britain as part of Late at Tate. Celebrating 10 years of Grizedale arts, there was artist contributions from Nina Pope and Juneau projects. Jordon Baseman wrote a stand up routine based upon the character ‘Adam the Fat Tart’ from one of his films called ‘The Sun Always Shines on the Righteous’. The film studys a demolition derby in Cumbria, and specifically a drag queen called ‘Adam the fat Tart’. My interpretation of Adam was a slightly tragic, desperate character who entertains as the local village eccentric. My jokes were very rigid and dry, they were made to fail in some regards, and the lack of response and enthusiasm from the audience would be an accurate representation of a nothern drag queen doing stand up in the Tate. Think Phoenix Nights.
It actually went surprisingly well, with a small group of locals really having a chuckle as the jokes repeatedly bombed. I enjoyed doing it, and my stand up career has not been ruined.

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