Bank Holiday treat last night at Shoreditch Village Underground with Fourtet, Roska and Joe from Hot Chip. Archie and myself co-ordinated the Balloon drop, 300 balloons being released onto 800 people getting freaky. We also assisted in setting up the visuals, projector and lights.

The balloons took about 3 hours and a lot of lung capacity to get inflated, and then we rigged up the net on the roof, attaching a release chord to pull when the time was right.
Keiren (Mr Four tet) asked for the balloons to be released during ‘Sing’ the penultimate song of the night. It was a fantastic set, imaginative and very progressive, the guy is really on the ball at the moment. If you have only heard ‘Pause’ and ‘Rounds’ EPs i highly recommend checking out his latest offering ‘There is Love in You’.

Better quality pics and vids to come soon.

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