my housemate’s sister is part of an art angel performance installation in Kings Cross called ‘Smother’

audience members freely wonder this 4 story house where performers inhabit the spaces. For me, the house created a nostalgic journey to my childhood, the ease and the the view that the world ‘just is’. There is a subtle disturbing atmosphere but could probably be only recognized by adults, strange sounds and arguing, things that as a child you tend to ignore most of the time. I got upset and thought that life will never be so friendly and innocent, and problems now had to be dealt with as we get older. I highly recommend going to see this, go the art angel website HERE

Climbing the narrow stairs of a three-sided tower a girl searches for her lost cherries, is pushed aside by a braying buggy and tries not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Quite literally skating on thin ice, this is a world where stability is both sought and fought. Smother is a story of emotional resilience, adaptability, loneliness and joy, of constant battles and glorious victories.

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