Long-Distance Lover review

On Sunday 9th May i performed ‘Long Distance Lover’ with Stoke Newington International as part of their Live Art Speed Dating. Live Art Speed Dating goes like this.

30 performers. Audience member gets 4 minutes with each performer, rotating to private booths where these ‘dates’ take place. Its a fantastic way to explore performance in an immersive environment, the audience as an individual is alot more willing to participate in engage (more so then collective audiences)

My performance involved two Laptops with cameras (webcams) opposite each other running video skype. I then sat back to back with my date (audience member) and talked to them through

Got some great feedback from people, including an email today –

Hi Max

Just an email to say how much I enjoyed your show, as if I didn’t make it clear enough on the night.
I also have been browsing through your video work my current fav is red suitcase.

I’m fairly new to the live art world myself but would love to be added to any mailing list you might have about your up coming shows.

Documentation – there is none. I would like to do it again, hook up a recorder and make a short film compiling of the conversations. I found people became very confessional and honest when talking to a screen with headphones on, even though people gathered round to listen to our conversations and watch our reactions first hand. You completley forget that the conversation is being broadcast in a public space, aswell as what appears to be a sort of confession booth like encounter.

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