Free to Air 2010

Free to air is a four year programme of artistic activity delivered by Film and Video Umbrella and funded by local councils. Taking as its starting point the famous four freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear – identified by Roosevelt in 1941, FREE TO AIR sets out to explore some of the multiple meanings of freedom in contemporary society.

Free to Air is now in its second season, integrating artists and communities from ethnically diverse backgrounds, the project hopes to engage a create a series of events, screenings and discussions surrounding the theme ‘Freedom of Want’.

Film and Video Umbrella have commissioned an artist (not yet announced) that will create a new work specifically for the program, this work will be presented in September/October however the work with the public will be ongoing.
Continuing the success of last years scheme of Culturul Ambassadors, Film and Video Umbrella will again work with outreach co-ordinators who will ensure that the Programme’s activities are tailored and communicated to a wide and diverse London audience.

This is the official blurb. My role is to assist a culturual ambassador for the borough of Wandsworth. I have been researching local community spaces and groups that take place there to begin discovering possible exchanges that can take place.
Last year Suki Chan screened a new work for free to air based on ‘Freedom of Speech’ view it below me

Please follow the progress of this new project in this ‘free to air category’

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