good inbox

week 1 of our last term has begun. Me and Archie were did a dedicated 5 days of cd processing and mechinanical factory line production work. see Record shop tab.

I worked my first Sustrans shift on Saturday, will be working part time over the summer chatting to cyclists. very nice.

I went to Brighton on Saturday night. insited aboutt he wonders of ball pits and pondered the possibility of other disco shapes.

I have found a place to stay in Edinburgh for the Fringe! Changeling will be performed every day at 11.30am at the underbelly. a nice, small venue.

I have interviews this week,one for Film and video Umbrella intern position. Highly regarded, would love to get it.


Wednesday 5th May down Deptford police station. I will be performing a 10 minute variety act of unknown content. Still yet to decide on this one.

Saturday 29th May – Accidental Festival

6th June – Late at Tate britain. will be performing a short show with Jordan Baseman

disco rhombus.

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