Oh its getting exciting. We are making progress. We did 250 cds today. if your confused this is where we are at.

We emptied all the cd cases of their relevant artwork during the beginning of April.

We had 1000cds in cases with no artwork.

We are now photocopying all the artwork for the zine catalog that will be exhibited in the shop. Simaltaenously we are cutting paper for our custom made hand printed cd artworks. today we completed around 250 in half a day.
Together we are creating a business enterprise, we are the production line on the factory floor and the bosses in the window offices. We make big decisions while complaining about the lack of breaks we can have. I think many things while destroying the music’s culture, its destructive and archaicly systematic. It feels like a purity but then also a control of expression. Now we are relabeling and hand stamping all the cds to make them our own.

The cd shop will have cd decks for customers to mix unknown music together. This will be fun. The catalog of all processed cds will be available to browse through, but you or we do not know what you are buying.

more to come.

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