Sandpit have lots of things going on this summer with LIFT and fierce over June and July.

Me and Nichol sent out a game called ‘Tourists’

check the blurb – Tourist is a game in which everyone is lost. Everyone is foreign. Everyone is a local. Everyone is a monument, from the Coliseum to Eiffel Tower and so on. The aim of the game is to have your dream holiday. This game entails deception and quick thinking.
Players will feel lost, intimidated and new to a familiar place. They have to negotiate a foreign place trying to find a famous monument; they will have to speak to the natives in their language. Tasks include getting somebody to draw you directions, getting your photo taken by somebody else, taking a photo of somebody taking a photo, ask for directions to a place that does not exist…

Tasks will include –

We have drawn up a series of tasks for this game which involve something like –

Make your own landmark (base)

Get some directions drawn (or draw your own to your monument/landmark)

Ask someone for directions to your landmark (or non existing landmark)

Take a picture of someone taking a picture of his or her landmark (existing monument)

Getting somebody to take a photo of you outside your monument

A language exchange with a member of the public

The excessive use of the term ‘You can’t miss it’ with directions


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