I hear music and I want to paint it black

So we have sprayed what we estimate to be about 900 cds. I dont know how we ever got that much but there is 6 boxes full.
The production line was efficient, 2 days of destroying cd artwork. It felt good. It was purification through destruction. All the culture and symbolism is removed to just leave the original material.
I will upload some pictures of how we did this once i get them off Archie.

The next step is production of our brand.
first step : get all album outwork out and our logo in cd cases

2: begin printing the biggest zine of album artworks ever! this will include every cd processed and be a reference catalog that we will also sell.

3: Merchandise – Badges and T-shirts

4: construction of stands to display cds in.

Still, first step complete. Stay tuned and make sure to pop in during the last week of may (see dates page)

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