a brief history of sound art pt 1

Futurists Luigi Russolo began building a relationship between sound and art. Started interacting with objects and everyday sounds, manipulating soundscapes performing sonic orchestras and home made instruments like the ‘intonarumori’ meaning intoners.

LEON THERMIN – (1920) inveted the thermin, the first electronic sound instrument
the thermin makes the classic sci – fi sound through hand manipulation of the oscillators and frequencies between the two antennas.

DADA – algorithmic sound poems. you can listen to Hugo Ball here

Musique concrete (1940s) –

Pierre Schaeffer and his friends began looping, sampling and exploring sounds relationship to music. The start of electro- acoustic movement.

Electro-acoustic composition – Karlheinz stockhausen who made the ‘helicopter string quartet’

This was a composition for a performance in 4 different helicopters that communicated through radio transmitters. the whole thing was screened and videod you can watch some here

And then there was FLUXUS (1950s – 1960s)

George maciunas made fluxpost (smiles) that isnt directly sound art but inspires some of my work at the moment.

Milan Knizak made ‘broken music’ in 1978 listen here
Its very similar to a modern sound artist called Alex Baker

the Fluxus performances allowed the audience to interact and create the art works themselves.

i will update with a brief history part 2 soon.

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