tandem tales

Sounds like a fantastic road movie partnership!


Singly travelling on a tandem, connecting with people and exploring places.

I’m off on a tandem…Yes I’m taking a tandem bicycle and will cycle it singly from Bristol to Copenhagen. In the state of this economic and environmental ‘crisis’ we find ourselves in, maybe this is the only sensible way to get to Copenhagen?

This is a trans-media art project. Using mobile GPS to track my journey online, audiences will be able to watch video updates, read blogs and tweet me messages. The people I meet will ride on the back of my tandem and participate in creating content (video blogs/audio interviews/photos) from the bike.

Riding alone is hard work and lonely, audiences can influence the direction I take. Before you get the wrong idea… I’m not an athlete, or a lycra fan by any means; this will be a challenge, so I will really need people to help. I am an artist interested and inspired by people, locations and cultures and what that can bring to my empty seat, my version of Antony Gormley’s ‘Plinth’.

This is an up beat, engaging, trans-media arts project.. It will be energetic and visually compelling, using a mixture of video, photos and sound bites, I will document and blog this journey, capturing the people I meet and giving the audience a privileged on-board and honest experience. This is not just about my journey; it’s about the users who determine the journey and the people who participate by making content along the way

This style of user interaction will give people a reason to connect with my journey and follow its progress. Using a unified hashtag people will tweet/ blog advice on routes, places to see and who to meet, building up a community of followers and participants before and whilst on the journey.

The project links a physical experience with the socially networked digital world. Using mobile technologies, It is a journey designed to reinforce, explore and promote the communities that gather around content and knowledge online.

I am ultimately a storyteller, fascinated in real characters locations and concerns. This back seat will become a place to cycle and share: presenting individual local voices from politicians to buskers, poets and musicians, I will seek out diverse characters to both document their experience on the back of the bike and share with a wider world their stories, thoughts, talents and even songs.
As the landscapes continually changes as I cross the continent; city to countryside, Bristol to Copenhagen, I will be discover distinct voices and draw out universal themes.

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