participation (mm)

ok i think im developing a subject specific area that i want to write about for the 3000 word essay due in April.

I just went to see the film of ‘memory marathon’ by simon pope at the Truman brewery. Its a really intimate project, there are obvious initial references to olympics through the long distance walk (in the title) and the passing of the microphone to the next participator (which perhaps was co-incidental). The memories are all quite nostalgic accounts of watching it in domestic places with family and friends, however some are first hand experiences, and they all contain alot of physical detail, those parts that stick out in your memory for some reason.

I am going to use this project as my starting ground for my essay, however i have yet to find the problematic artefact that i can debate on paper, however these are some things from my sketchbook that i would like to adress.

participation + contribution = Collaboration

relational, social exercises, constructed interactions.
The role of the participator and the role of the artist. The artist as a director for social curation. The artist as a social worker (bob and Roberta smith)

How the work experienced through these different roles.

The viewer , how the work is altered to be presented to the exterior audience. (documentation)

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