secret postal service

So i just sent off my application to Secret Garden Party. Heres the brief for the project, please tell me what you think –

I would like to set up a secret postal service at Secret Garden Party 2010. This will be a participatory installation where people can come write a postcard to send either through airmail or to attach to the notice board(s). We will supervise a stand at the festival everyday where anyone can come and write a postcard. What people write or draw on the postcards is entirely up to them however I would like to incorporate the installation into the ‘lost cities’ aspect of the theme for this years festival.
We will send the majority of the postcards off into the air, attached by ribbon to a helium balloon. This is the airmail option that has a ‘message in a bottle’ theme; I would like to encourage the participants to imagine they are stranded at secret garden party. I am considering noting each postcard with a website address where the recipient of the postcard can make contact with the sender, however this would become active after the festival.
If the participant writes a message for somebody at the festival, or just wants to exhibit their postcard there will be a notice board at the stand and maybe some around site for people to view and respond to.

I believe the secret postal service suits this year’s theme because the gesture of sending off your postcards attached to balloons is quite romantic and magical and the idea of a stranger receiving it is mysterious and mythical. It seems like a poetic action that references some classic forms of communication, e.g. message in a bottle or the letter pigeon.

The secret postal service will consist of a desk/table, a noticeboard and possibly some chairs. I will erect a small gazebo/ marquee to keep things dry. This pitch needs to be roughly 5m sq so there is enough space for people to write their postcards. At the desk there will be a variety of drawing materials and blank postcards for the participants to design.
I would like to advertise the stand by having a big bunch of helium balloons and then some signage at the pitch and around site.
Also around sight I would like to erect some noticeboards for people to exhibit their postcards for people at the festival.

All the staff for the project will wear ‘secret postal service’ uniforms, which will be similar to the royal mail and we may set up a red post-box by our stand.

It will only cost them £500, lets hope they say yes!

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